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Les Moulistes de Maintenance, recognised expertise since 1947

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Plastic Moldmaker

Since 1947, SAS BOUDIN has become one of France’s most highly regarded specialists in the development, repair and maintenance of plastic injection moulds and thermoforming moulds.

Located in Sens, Burgundy, the company is at the heart of France’s leading manufacturing region for automotive tail lights.

At SAS BOUDIN, our people have a wealth of expertise acquired over the years through working alongside our customers, particularly in the development, modification and improvement, repair and preventive and corrective maintenance of plastic injection moulds.

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Plastic injection moulding and "zero defect" moulds

repair, modification and maintenance: high-precision fitting & EDM machining
mould diagnosis, design office, technical support, responsiveness and commitment.
tooling technicians, fitters & machinery.


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Development of plastic injection moulds for reception, repair and modification of plastic injection moulds.

Our customers come from a wide range of industrial sectors, including the automotive industry, and we can meet all the needs of the plastics and thermoplastics industries.

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ongoing support

Mould repair

Repairing your plastic injection moulds from anywhere, with ou without plans !

Urgent emmergency intervention

Provision of personnel on your production site for urgent intervention

plastic injection

Machining your various plastic injection mould components

Own Delivry service

Pick-up and delivery by us

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Large stock of spare parts, available for next-day delivery

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Quick intervention, on site production or in our workshop, proposals & solutions.

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Precision, compliance with specifications and deadlines.

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Zero defects, proximity and a network of partners.