• Études techniques maintenance moules injection et therformage
    Bureau d'étude - diagnostic de moules
  • Maintenance moules injection et thermoformage
    Maintenance moules d'injection
    Directement sur vos sites de production en France et en Europe !
  • Réparation de moules d'injection plastique et de thermoformage
    Réparation des moules
    Réparation des moules de toutes provenances
  • Mise au point de moules d'injection plastique et de thermoformage
    Mise au point des moules
    Réception et mise au point des moules de toutes provenances

LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE©: an acknowledged experience and expertise

Toolshop BOUDIN SAS at Maillot - Sens – The maintenance molders

Our contact : phone : +33 3 86 656 656 - Fax:  +33 3  972 239 503
Route de Malay 89100 Maillot - contact@boudin-moules.com

Since 1947, BOUDIN SAS is acknowledged as one of the French specialists in development, repair and maintenance of plastic injection & thermoforming molds

The company located in Burgundy, close to Sens and Auxerre, is at the heart of the first French car spare parts manufacturing region.

With more than 50 years experience in modification, improvement, repair, preventive and curative maintenance of plastic injection molds BOUDIN SAS has developped a trusty know-how.

We make mold repair, mold modifications, mold maintenance, on customers production site or in our toolshop.