BOUDIN SAS is hiring

17 April 2023

BOUDIN SAS is hiring :

Milling machine for conventional milling and on 3-axis and 5-axis NC. Technician with a very good level, autonomous and able to make proposals. A curious technician who is able to evolve in his profession and to work in harmony with all the trades in our company. Not only a miller who knows how to mill! but also a clever technician, passionate about his job who can bring us his know-how and the tricks of his trade.

#Be Careful : We are looking for an experienced candidate. We are a service-oriented company. Our technicians are highly professional and are recognised by our customers.

Service is a profession, it's ours !

#boudinsas #moulistesdemaintenance #ATTENTION


Wishes 2023

01 January 2023


Wishes you a happy new year 2023.

May it bring you and your family health, serenity, joy, happiness and prosperity.

Since 1947, we have been committed to providing the best possible service to our customers in the plastics industry and other related trades.
Do not hesitate to contact us for :
- modifications
- improvements (we are a source of proposals)
- repairs (laser welding and others...)
- maintenance (on your production sites or in our factory)
- production of mechanical parts with or without drawings!
- installation of personnel on your production sites
=> fitter/toolmaker
=> setter on injection moulding machines (start-up of new moulds/production...)
We offer a wide range of know-how and services, acquired over decades !


K Show Düsseldorf 19 - 26 October 2022

14 November 2022

We develop our services for international customers, whom we meet through these "big exhibition" where a large part of the profession is represented.

Visitors from many countries, including of course the countries with the largest number of moldmakers:
China, Portugal, India, Korea, Taiwan, ...

We strengthen the links with our customers and suppliers.



02 May 2022


Since 1947 We are specialist in after-sales services in France or in Europe for molmakers who exports molds in Europe ! Since 1947 we are specialist in fine-tuning, expertise, try-out, modification and maintenance about injection molds. BOUDIN, your most reliable sub-contractor when you export your injection molds in Europe.

Expertise, development, modification, repair and maintenance of plastic injection moulds in France and Europe.
- Are you looking for a hyperspecialist in the development, modification, repair and maintenance of plastic injection moulds ?
- Are you looking for a reliable partner who is committed to meeting deadlines and providing quality services ?
- Are you looking to save time for your modifications and repairs because for you, every hour counts ?
- Are you looking to optimise your cycle times? - Do you want to instrument your plastic injection moulds ?




29 April 2022

o participate in our development, we are looking for technicians !


Technician in EDM, sinking and wire-cutting.
- 2 conventional sinking machines
- 2 NC sinking machines
- 1 wire-cutting machine
- 1 rapid drilling machine
You will work in close collaboration with our Design Office and our Production Manager and, of course, with your colleagues, fitters, millers, etc.

We do not carry out any production...only the development, improvement, modification and repair of plastic injection, thermoforming and injection blow moulds...

We carry out more than 1,000 modifications per year...electro-erosion is an important unit within our structure.

We look forward to receiving your applications. We are looking for technicians who are motivated by their work and by a new challenge in a dynamic company.

Send us your applications.
We will hire a man or a woman, more than a CV!
The quality of people is the quality of a company.
Moreover, for BOUDIN SAS, the notion of the customer is of paramount importance.

#boudinsas #lesmoulistesdemaintenance


FIP Exhibition 2022

14 February 2022

The French exhibition for the Plastics, Composites & Rubber industry

We will present some of our know-how and some new products.

We look forward to seeing many of you, we have been waiting for this show for more than 3 years...that's a long time.

The Burgundy Pavilion is a very friendly Pavilion where the "savoir vivre", the good life, the desire and the pleasure of receiving are in full bloom.


Your badge here !



18 October 2021

BOUDIN SAS Present at the FAKUMA 2021

We were present at the FAKUMA 2021, in Friedrischafen, Germany, under the Business France Pavilion.

We are very satisfied with this fair, with many contacts from various European countries, including France !

We are already registered for the next edition of FAKUMA, which will take place from 17 to 21 October 2023...


CHINAPLAS 2021 - Video

19 April 2021

Video presentation from our CHINAPLAS Exhibition in Shenzhen April 13 to 16

We realized a video from our photos

CHINAPLAS 2021 - Video



15 March 2021

BOUDIN SAS will be on the CHINAPLAS EXHIBITION - Hall 10 Booth 41 - on the "French Pavilion"

BOUDIN SAS Factory, will be on the CHINAPLAS Exhibition of Shenzhen, 2021 April, 13 to 16 nextly

We stand you in our booth L51 in the Hall 10, on the "French Pavilion"

Our Wallpaper for this CHINAPLAS Exhibition


Visit of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, in charge of Public Accounts, Mr. Olivier DUSSOPT

15 February 2021

Following the granting of a subsidy within the framework of the Recovery Plan



02 January 2021

We wish you an Happy New Year for this New Year

We wish you an Happy New Year 2021.

Along this year, we let you inform bout our new factory.

Activities presentation



24 September 2020

New videos are on our Channel TV "YOUTUBE"

We loaded new videos on our "YOUTUBE" channnel TV ! - don't heistat to follow the link and don't hesitate to "LIKE" !



BOUDINSAS Factory tour from 2020 09 07

09 September 2020

One video from one monday morning of september 2020

BOUDINSAS Factory tour from 2020 09 07



25 June 2020

Activities presentation

In the link below, you can watch our new video presenting our activities.

Good viewing !




25 February 2020

Two news videos or our job, on our Youtube Channel

Shape modification on  "fake catadioptre" ... under binocular magnifying glass, with 1.6 mm cutter. 
BOUDIN SAS, it is a team of 25 salaried professionals, for, more than 1000 modifications per year! ...
Responsiveness, respected deadline, since 1947. Laser Reloading on Spindle

Form modification on "Fake Catadioptre"

Laser Welding on insert



27 December 2019



You wish a Happy New Year 2020 full of knowledge.

We take advantage of these wishes to thank all our old and new customers,
which allow us to enhance our know-how every day since 1947.

Today our team of 25 people works at all times to make your plastic injection molds work at their best. We are specialists in the development, improvement, modification, repair and maintenance of plastic injection molds.
Our team is recognized by our customers who congratulate us for our qualities and the respect of the word given.
With us, we ONLY work only for the development of plastic injection molds. No new molds produced here.
Thus, our moral contract is clear, we are not competitors during the reception of new molds from all sources or for repairs of old molds with or without plans.
Our job is clear: do everything to make your plastic injection molds work at their best. It's your interest, it's our interest.

We work with different Chinese mold makers and other customers who buy their molds directly in China.
 Our credo: do everything to make your plastic injection molds work at their best. Return to your injection workshops, a mold in working order, to avoid loss of production.

The quality of our work, the quality of our relationships, respect, it is our customers who speak about it best !


RIDY exhibition in AUXERRE (Burgundy)

08 October 2019

Article from the magazine "Traces Écrites"

At the RIDY show in October 2019, we met Mr. Didier HUGUE, a journalist with the magazine "Traces Écrites" who asked us about our job and our vision. 
You will find in this article a very good drafting with a precise rendering of our maintenance.
Congratulations Mr Didier HUGUE for your listening and your understanding.

Link to the "TRACES ÉCRITES" magazine


CHINAPLAS 2019 - Activity report

18 July 2019

Activity report from the CHINAPLAS Exhibition

CHINAPLAS 2019 - Activity report



18 June 2019



We have just returned a wire cutting EDM machine, Brand FANUC, model α1 iA.

Curses in mm Y, Y, Z = 520 x 400 x 340
Weight on the table 1,000 kg
Do not hesitate to consult us for your machining !


News from CHINAPLAS 2019 in Guangzhou

26 May 2019


For this third participation, we would like to thank the "Business France" teams for organizing this CHINAPLAS 2019, a team always on top with also friendly and efficient translators. We had a good time at your side.

We also thank our customers and prospects who have been many to meet us on our stand. Many sharing moments of conviviality and desires to work together.



CHINAPLAS exhibition in Guangzhou (CANTON) 2019.5.21 - 24

21 March 2019

Visit us in our Booth G54 Hall 9.2 on the Business France Pavillon

Register HERE


MIDEST exhibition in Lyon EUREXPO 2019 march 5 to 8

08 February 2019

Visit us in our booth 5G133 on the Bourgogne Franch-Comté Pavillon

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28 December 2018

The company BOUDIN SAS, presents its best wishes, for the year 2019

We thank you for your trust and wish you all a Happy New Year 2019



19 December 2018

Portrait of technicians from BOUDIN SAS

Portrait series by Mr. Emmanuel Robert ESPALIEU, for AER CFB, to build an archive of companies in our industrial region.

SAS BOUDIN - LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE©, Technicians portrait series



14 December 2018

On site welding laser prestation

BOUDIN SAS offers on-site laser welding services.

The technicians for these interventions, are toolmakers, that is to say they are fit for a complete service, disassembly when reassembling the mold. (opening of the mold, preparation of the welding zone, laser welding, polishing ... up to the optical quality mirror polishing) with the same technician!

It is a service "all in one" not need your technician for finishing ...




03 October 2018

OUR BOTH - Hall A7 N° 7316

We will be present at FAKUMA 2018, on Pavilion "Business France" Hall A7 N ° 7316

You will be able to meet us more particularly on October 17th, 18th and 19th.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment: fill in the file

Organiz your trip

We will be happy to welcome you to present our services, our developments, our services of type "Second Stage" or "Step 2", receiving molds from China, modification, improvement, repair, maintenance of plastic injection molds . Customer service delivery, laser welding on customer site, adjustment of injection molding machines, ...

See you soon,


The automobile in full revolution of the lights - Article seen on the newspaper LE POINT of the 11/06/2018

12 June 2018

Link to the article published by the magazine "Le Point" dated 2018/06/11


Automoyive market, powerful actor of the local economy - article of the newspaper l'Yonne Republicaine of Tuesday, June 5, 2018

05 June 2018

80% of the rear lights of French cars, manufactured in the department of l'Yonne !

Our Greater Burgundy Franche Comté region, holds some of the world's elite car market. In our local geographical area, two world leaders in automotive rear lighting have been established for many years: Valeo Visibility System, located in Saint-Clément and ALRL France for (Automotive Lighting Rear Lamp France) located in Saint Julien du Sault. Eurostyle Systems Sens specializes in "interior carpentry" of cars and also vans.



12 March 2018

We will be present on the booth 2V79 "on the BURGUNDY Pavillon" - 2018 march 27 up to 30

We will be present on the MIDEST 2018 exhibition in Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte on march the 23 up to the 30. In our booth 2V79
"Pavillon BOURGOGNE"

This exibition will be made with a grouping of fairs:

registred you HERE

MIDEST / GLOBAL INDUSTRIE exhibition website


News from l'Indépendant de l'Yonne (local newspaper)

19 January 2018

Les fondus du plastique (plastic junky !)

A very nice news of Mrs. Ludivine Bonino Serrière, for the local newspaper, "l'Indépendant de l'Yonne". We thank her for listening, understanding, technical knowledge and involvement.



02 January 2018

we wish you an happy new year 2018



26 December 2017


We wish you an happy end of the year
(we are open during this time)


Our activities

21 November 2017


Located in MAILLOT 89100 (common SENS 89 - very closed from Chablis ;-)
- A5-A19 and A6 highways - 1h30 from Roissy Charles de Gaulle and 1h00 from Orly
- 1h00 by train from Paris Bercy
- molds up to 7 tons delivered in 2 parts

Our turnover

Overall workforce: 25 people, 11 adjusters including 7 polishers up to polishing polishing optical quality
Turover: € 2.1 million (2016)


Modification, improvement, repair and maintenance of your molds in production as well as polishing-mirror polishing services up to optical quality

Reception, adjustment, setting the standard, disassembly, degreasing, control according to check-list, for your new molds, from all sources ...

Service type "second stage" or "step 2" that is to say that we receive your molds from your moldmakers, we develop them according to your RFQ,
we do the injection press testing (sub-contracting network) to validate the changes and we ship the molds afterwards to your production site
(We dialogue with your mold makers, when necessary ...)

Possibility of setting up of adjustment technician within your production units ... (overload, absence, reception of molds of all origins, ...)

Possibility of setting up a technician of adjustment on injection press, level "MAPEUR"

Production of various mold parts, with or without plans

Supply of various spare parts such as: seals, ejectors, springs, .... (we know how to ship the next day for an order before 15:00)


1 mobile laser welding machine

Possibility of delivery "all in one" on the production site of your injector partners, that is to say 1 only technician for a delivery of the opening of the mold, until polishing final polishing

2 type of MASTER vans, for handling and delivery of molds up to 1700 kg (for higher weight molds, we can also handle transport)

1 NC 5 axis milling machine
550 kg on the table (DMG)

1 NC 3-axis milling machines
1 with 1.5 tons on the table (ALCERA GAMBIN)

3 conventional milling machines (HURON)
1 fixed bench with 5 tons on the table
2 mobile bench with 1.5 tons on the table

1 Cylindrical grinding inter / external (DANOBAT)

2 Rectifications Plane (ROSA)

4 Die sinking EDM machines (AGIE - ONA)
machines up to 1200 x 1000 x 500 mm

1 Tridi measuring arm. (FARO) Gage type

1 XRF - X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, for the control of the steels of your molds of all origin (we publish you a "certificate material")

3 overhead crane
from 2 to 3.2 tons

1 forklift
4.5 tons


12 September 2017



08 September 2017

Business Technician

BOUDIN SAS recruits a Chargé d'Affaires for the follow-up of our clients in France As part of the management team, you will be responsible for monitoring our clients in France in particular, with the management being in charge of the prospecting. It should be noted that our customers are in the majority of major International Accounts of the automotive, leisure, cosmetics ... We wish to work with a confirmed, cheerful and professional technician. You will be the guarantor of the image of the company by the quality of your presentation and a performance where the spirit of service holds the major place. We will be seduced by candidates with diplomas or diplomas, having a first experience in plastics and a proven competence in quantification. In order to flourish in our company, we will be your support in your Quodian tasks with our family spirit. Occasional trips (2 to 3 days per month) are to be expected from our customers.

Lien vers le site de l'APEC - Ref. Apec : 162562858W /Ref. Société : Chargé d'affaire - Chargé d'affaires/Technico-commercial en Maintenance moules injection F/H


Technological monitoring of rear lights

26 June 2017

Our follow-up of the tail-light market

New technology, allow new design, here applied to the rear lamp, with cooperation between COVESTRO and HELLA

Link in english website from COVESTRO media's

link to our technical monitoring


Exhibition RIDY 2017 - #RIDY2017

11 June 2017

Promotion video from RIDY 2017

Promotion video to explain the advantages to exposed or visit the 2017 RIDY !

Promotion video to RIDY 2017 exhibition


FIP Solution Plastique exhibition - LYON EUREXPO 2017 june 13 to 16

25 April 2017

BOUDIN SAS exhibition on the FIP Solution Plastique Hall 2 booth H16

BOUDIN SAS exhibits at the FIP Solution Plastique exhibition, on the EUREXPO site in LYON, from 13th to 16th June 2017.

We are in Hall 2 - stand H16 (under the Pavillon BOURGOGNE)

We look forward to welcoming you to our various projects and future investments.

You can click on this link to get your free entry badge (no waiting at the entrance ;-)



30 March 2017

Visit of the European leading trade fair, since 1999, in the fields of new technologies and uses of the virtual.

This year, BOUDIN SAS visited this show to make a "state of the art" for the advancement of its augmented reality project.
With Marie FERRONIERE of "Images & Réseaux", a guided tour was organized for a more focused approach on the world of SME. So, we visited exhibitors very oriented "crafts" (and not games, as the name of the show could lead to believe ...)
Many demonstrations and interventions of the professionals of these stands convince us to continue in the development of our project, which, following this visit could be divided into different parts ...
We would like to thank our guide for this visit, in the person of Mr. Jérémy Pluvinage, a great professional and passionate about these realities not so virtual as that!

Link to the newspaper lemag-numerique - laval virtual in terms of SME needs - Article by Monsieur Roland Le Bouëdec


PSA Acquires OPEL

10 March 2017

L'Yonne land and the acquisition of OPEL by PSA

Extract from the article of Mr. Marc CHARASSON, published on the newspaper L'Yonne Républicaine this Friday, March 10, 2017:
"The acquisition of the German carmaker Opel by the French group PSA, caused the automotive sector to roar at the beginning of the week. This acquisition, amounting to more than a billion euros, did not go unnoticed in the Yonne , Land of automotive subcontractors and direct collaborators of this competitive but dynamic "

Une du journal L'yonne Républicaine du vendredi 10 mars 2017 - Impact du rachat de OPEL par PSA sur les sous-traitants automobile de l'Yonne


Our presentation video update

01 March 2017

Activities presentation from SAS BOUDIN - LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE©

Our 2 links to videos

- in english :

- in french :

french video

english video


Plastronic agmented reality !

24 February 2017

Our next dasboard and our next tails lamps

TACTOTECK, is a finninsh company, specialized in plastic injection integration, printed circuits with varied electronic composants DEL type or others.
We are publishinh this photo, which represente for us, the next evolution of the next automotive dashboard, and the futur design of the tail lamp of certains vehicules.

our link to tail lamp light collection


CCI Bourgogne Franche-Comté organizes international forums

07 February 2017

BOUDIN SAS to participate in this forum, in SENS on this Monday 6th February 2017

BOUDIN SAS participated in this internationnal forum, with a view to its various projects oriented towards export, and more particularly to Morocco and UK Countries where the automobile industry is growing strongly. We are in a phase of prospective for these markets where we are moved a few times to meet various interlocutors ...



03 January 2017

Best Wishes 2017

All the team of Paul BOUDIN SAS,LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE© wishes you a happy new year 2016 and thank you for your confidence for 69 years.
We will try to continue to satisfy you as best we can, with always our spirit of service developed for a good understanding between our Companies.
We will share with you our future, innovative and structural projects with a vision of the future of our businesses and its particularities.


K Show 2016 visit, in Dusseldorf

28 October 2016

BOUDIN SAS on the K Show 2016 visit

230,000 investment-oriented visitors from all over the world make for excellent mood at K 2016
Exhibitors report concluding numerous deals
Noticeably more guests from overseas – with particularly high numbers from Asia
The international plastics and rubber industry presents itself in top shape.


new on the daily L"yonne Républicaine - 2015 september - BOUDIN tool shop are on the way of success - from Antoine COMPIGNE

08 October 2016


Analyse in situ, des aciers des moules de toutes provenances

31 August 2016

Steel analyse of moulds from all countries

BOUDIN SAS performs the analysis of steels of your molds from all sources. So you can compare with your specifications.

The device is calibrated before each measurement campaign, following these, we publish a "material certificate" for each measurement.

We move on demand, generally we provide material certificates as a result of the measurement campaign, in pdf format ....

The results help clarify the best quality steels to allow you a better analysis of problems.


CHINAPLAS exhibition in Shanghai

14 April 2016

We are on CHINAPLAS exbitition in Shanghai in april the 25 to 28

BOUDIN SAS exposed at the CHINAPLAS International Exhibition in Shanghai April 25 to 28, 2016.
You can visit us in Hall W1 on our stand D61, on the French Pavillon "BUSINESS FRANCE"
We are happy to see you and introduce our services "second stage" or "Step 2"
the return to Europe of molds manufactured in China.
Like this, the molds are received directly in our businesses, to:
- unpacking
- cleaning
- Control according to checklist
- Tests on injection press
- Modifications - improved if necessary
- Direct relationship with the Chinese mold maker
(Quotation, technical and commercial dicussion, sending the order by the Chinese mold maker, achieving modification, payment via China or HK ...)
- Realization of pre-series
- Expedition to the production sites
- Monitoring service during the warranty
- Monitoring service during mold life
Today, BOUDIN SAS works with some Chinese mold makers directly for the management of their molds, lous French or European customers.
Following the CHINAPLAS Salon, we visit our customers, our Chinese mold makers and prospects, through places such as:
- Quingdao
- Ningbo
- Shenzhen
- Dongguan
- Chengdu


The front page of our Local Newspaper L''Yonne Républicaine, with a comprehensive and detailed article on page 2

04 October 2015

A company launched at full speed

2005 => 970 k€
2015 => 2000 k€



22 August 2015

The organic light emitting diodes (OLED) will change rear lamp

Extract from Frederic THERIN article, published on the MANAGEMENT magazine July / August 2015.
"OLEDs that use a thick organic matter of just 1 millimeter, can be applied over a large part of the back of the car. Their intensity will vary brutality braking, indicating following vehicle, a tight or obstacle. "

"hard to imagine the technologies we use in ten years! * admits Stephan Berlitz, I think they come under concepts we do not envisageaons today"

* Stephan Berlitz: LAC Engineer (Lighting Assistance Center (construction cost of € 4.5 million)

Rear Lamp collection



31 May 2015

Our booth on the CHINAPLAS exhibition in Guangzhou may 2015

We exhibited at the Salon CHINAPLAS 2015 GUANGZHOU, with the support of Business France.
It was a very good experience with direct contact to our customers and prospects.
We are delighted with the contacts we have had, and confident in the development of our


Our TradMark

17 March 2015


Since last February, we have two Trademarks:
Our online sales site laser welding rods or laser welding son and a range of accessories and PPE


DELTA Handled XRF for positive Identification (PMI)

02 March 2015

Positive Material Identification

Confi gured with a standard package of more than 25 elements, the DELTA generates alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds. From simple sorting to challenging grade separations, the DELTA provides highly specifi c material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades including, but not limited to:

• Aluminum alloys
• Chrome-moly steels
• Cobalt alloys
• Copper alloys
• Exotic alloys
• Magnesium alloys
• Nickel alloys
• Nickel-cobalt alloys
• Precious metals
• Stainless steels
• Tool steels
• Titanium alloys
• Wrought aluminum alloys
• Zinc alloys
• Zirconium alloys

Lien vers les caractéristiques de notre appareil



09 February 2015

The 29th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

CHINAPLAS 2015 will feature more than 3,100 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions, unveiling the latest plastics and rubber technologies and services across 15 product theme zones that will occupy 26 exhibition halls at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China. 13 countries and regions including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, the UK, USA, PR China and Taiwan will participate in international pavilions.

Visit us on our stand 5.2P07



08 January 2015


SAS BOUDIN is secured to the French people.
Fools act on behalf of a religion that does not recognize in their acts of barbareries.
Let amalgams, remain united in the face of this adversity, believe in us.



05 January 2015

Health, Joy, Happiness and Peace


Valeurs humaines en entreprises

27 December 2014


ALPHALASER GmbH - new products

28 November 2014

EUROMOLD Exhibition in Frankfurt - New products presentation by ALPHALASER GmbH

BOUDIN SAS has moved on EUROMOLD Exhibition in Frankfurt, to achieve business intelligence and meet some contacts and prospects.

We took the opportunity to visit the stand of AlphaLaser GmbH, for which we are authorized Distributor (SAV done by our technicians)
AlphaLaser GmbH, presented on a highly visible and well designed stand, with among other a laser welding demonstration room "live"!
and many innovations in the attached photo, which is a concentrate of technology and savoi-how AlphaLaser GmbH.

AlphaLaser GmbH has developed a full range of laser based welding machine "fiber laser", which opens the door to new applications
or new service for our customers



New vehicle

18 November 2014

appreciated service to our customers

New equipment dedicated to the management and delivery for our customers, who appreciate the service (and not just our local customers ... !!!) RENAULT Master F3500 - 3.5t - 125 hp with wood floor - Bluetooth media - TomTom ....


Press article of the Newspaper "L'indépendant de l'Yonne" october 2014

28 October 2014

we are no longer the days of Zola

Press article of the Newspaper "L'indépendant de l'Yonne" october 2014


Arnold Schwarzenegger was visiting Paris for a summit of regional climate

13 October 2014

François Hollande, Nicolas Hulot and Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the Paris Motor Show

Arnold Schwarzenegger was visiting Paris for a summit of regional climate, held Friday and Saturday at the premises of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. Following a meeting with François Hollande, Nicolas Hulot and Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the Paris Motor Show, we see here on the Peugeot stand hosted by Patrick Blain, President of CCFA.
#Arnold Schwarzenegger
From : CCFA Comité des Constructeur Français d'Automobiles - Infolettre Hebdo du 13 octobre 2014

CCFA Media on Youtube


03 October 2014

We visited the Paris Motor Show for our eve taillights, our profession, a passion too!
You will see our collection of what we have gleaned during the visit ....

At the corner of some stand, we saw also some novelty ... to come .... laser diodes have a future;-)

Click below!

Lien vers notre veille feux arrières



BOUDIN SAS and ALPHALASER will be on the MICRONORA exhibition at Besançon - France - 23 - 26 septembre 2014

01 August 2014

BOUDIN SAS and ALPHALASER GmbH will present at the show MICRONORA for presenting their range of machines dedicated to laser welding trades micromechanics and demonstrate possibiltés laser micro-welding!

We will show:
- ALV 150 - micro welding laser : closed machine for welding micro-laser
- AL-SWS - "modular" welding machine for producing laser welding and / or laser cutting - Several positions available depending on the application
- AC-300 F - mini cutter sheet for the realization of micro-cutting of sheet ...

Come meet us and attend our demonstrations!
- We can introduce you to laser welding!

See you soon,

free badge


FIP SOLUTION PLASTIQUE- juin 2014 Lyon Eurexpo

30 April 2014

The only one plastic exhibition, in France

Come see us on our stand E46, "under the Pavilion BURGUNDY"
Attend demonstrations of laser welding with our machine ALV 150
Come test laser welding, we will let you weld yourself!
We also present our mobile machine ALM 200 New ...
We represent the German manufacturer AlphaLaser GmbH
We also present our new e-shop online: website dedicated to the art of laser welding:
- A full range of baguettes or wires to laser welding with the Brands like IMPROBOND and SELECTARC
- A full range of PPE such as laser protective eyewear, laser protective curtains, gloves, with the brands like UNIVET and UVEX
- A range of fume extraction laser welding machines, with the Brands
like TEKA and TBH

free entrance - badge online

Our Stand on the exhibition FIP 2014



16 March 2014

Presentation of our e-shopsite dedicated to the art of laser welding

You can find our e-shop business dedicated to laser weldingby clicking the link below.
- Sticks laser welding Brands IMPROBOND and SELECTARC (variety of materials and diameters) available tubos or rolls
- EPI with Brands likes UNIVET, UVEX, LASERVISION for a wide range such as laser goggles, gloves and protective curtains laser class IV
- Materials and polishing accessories Brand NOVAPAX for polishing quality in good conditions after laser resurfacing
Our laser machines Brand AlphaLaser GmbH with all the news



31 January 2014

BOUDIN SAS dealer for France of the company NOVAPAX-Poliermettel, specializes in polishing accessories

BOUDIN SAS, dealer for France, NOVAPAX , German company specializing in products and materials dedicated to polishing.
NOVAPAX is called " ETI " , with 180 company based in Berlin since 1949.

The company NOVAPAX , specializes in injection molding techniques . In this particular field , it has mainly focused its research on the production of high precision parts . To this end, in recent years, extensive studies have brought on problems superfinish surfaces .
NOVAPAX has developed methods for peremttre ensure the reproduction of all desired surfaces by means of increasing rentability .
The limited supply of devices available on the market and accessories designed specifically for the treatment and surface finishing, NOVAPAX encouraged to develop their own products .

Basic research has been undertaken in recent years, the behavior of steel, abrasives and polishing agents with their compound and substrates.
It was found among other things, that each of the granules enployees allowed under certain conditions , some prodondeur roughness surfaces worked. Thus, NOVAPAX to developed a range of work for the equalization of surfaces , until a maximum polishing, free trace or scratches.

The objective of NOVAPAX , is not only to sell to customers equipment and accessories catalogs, is to offer a complete system, developed in its plants and determined by the qutidienne practice the art of polishing.
Used and tested over many years , these systems and accessories, necessities details, accompanied by demonstrations.
Your time and trouble will be cleared , because he is no faster and more accurate for polishing molds complete system.

The company BOUDIN SAS is a leader in polishing, polishing particlier in mirror-polished , our technciciens are broken in this exercise
which consists of obtaining a smooth surface without trace and without scratches , whatever form ...

Become a reseller NOVAPAX is SAUSAGE SAS, obvious and logical continuation of what is undertook since its inception in 1947.
We therefore propose that from today , the access to all catalogs NOVAPAX .
We go home with our technicians for demonstrations. So you see the use of these products and their effectiveness !

Do not hesitate to contact us,

website in english from NOVAPAX

NOVAPAX Catalog (German/English)


EUROMOLDS - ALPHALASER GmbH stay in this exhibition

14 January 2014




05 December 2013

Our calendar to 2014

We prensent our Calendar to 2014

Don't hesitate to contact us to obtain one.



16 November 2013

BOUDIN SAS - LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE - Présent au Salon MIDEST 2013 - Hall 6 Stand Y 93

BOUDIN SAS - LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE will be on the MIDEST 2013 Salon under the Burgundy Pavilion, Hall 6 Stand Y 93

We present our activities and two laser welding machines, including one demonstration where you can perform laser welding!

Come visit us, we will be happy to welcome you for a moment of conviviality around one of our regional specialty! ...

See you soon,

Our record statement MIDEST 2013

link to pictures from MIDEST 2013

BOUDIN SAS - Pictures from MIDEST 2013


Standby signal back

18 February 2013

Standby signal back

Visit our technological background for signaling vehicles. The rear lighting signature is becoming increasingly important. Technology is constantly evolving Light emitting diodes (LED) take precedence over filament bulbs. Research simplification of production processes, inventiveness grows We are at the crossroads of two worlds - The Plastics and electronics ... The Plastronique? Soon our rear vehicle will resemble more that we know today - the "all in one" is coming!

Veille feux arrière


Création de l'atelier de menuiserie et modelage en janvier 1947

17 December 2012

Article parue en janvier 1947 sur le journal "bulletin officiel des fonds de commerce"


French TV Channel M6's magazine "Turbo" - Focus on the rear light signature

12 October 2012

With Frédéric BANZET, Citroën French Country Manager and Thierry METROZ, Director of Citroën Style

VIDEO - French TV Channel M6's magazine "Turbo" - with Frédéric BANZET, Citroën French Country Manager and Thierry METROZ, Director of Citroën Style - For new taillights - The new Picasso - This video perfectly highlights the importance of light signature.

ALLEZ à 10:08-Reportage de M6 Turbo-En réunion avec Frédéric BANZET, Directeur Citroën et Frédéric METROZ, Directeur du Style Citroën-Pour ce nouveaux feux arrières, ce dialogue met en évidence l'importance de la signature lumineuse


vendredi 27 avril 2012 à partir de 16h00, en les locaux de la société : 65 ANS - ANNIVERSAIRE DE LA CRÉATION DES ÉTABLISSEMENTS Paul BOUDIN - LES MOULISTES DE MAINTENANCE

21 April 2012

Sous le Haut Patronage de : MM. Henri de RAINCOURT Ministre de la Coopération - Marie Louise FORT députée - André VILLIERS Président du Conseil Général de l'Yonne

Anniversaire des 65 ans des établissements Paul BOUDIN - en photos

Article du journal local : l'Yonne Républicaine, pour les 65 ans de BOUDIN SAS - Les Moulistes de Maintenance


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