Provision of laser welding

Draft laser welding within a 5-axis milling.

Launching an innovative service:

Laser welding by specialized toolmaker (not only welder)

Sample delivery on customer production-site:
- Support tools to coat
- Preparation of the field to overlay
- Laser welding
- Recovery (porous welding,  blemishes, ...)
- Re-alignment (parting reprise, polishing mirror-polished if necessary)
(polishing up to "optical quality ")
- Cleaning
- Quality control process

The video below help to understand and visualize how a laser welding is done . It allows you to see the impact, the "wedding of the weld and material" and especially the cooling part immediately after the impact. Thanks to our Japanese colleague, we can offer you this video with his permission.

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Fields of expertise

Mold laser welding with mobile laser welding ALM 200, on customer site.

Laser welding of plastic injection mold :

- Collapse parting
- Resumption of closures
- Impact on mirror polished
- Impact on grain
- Repair on  : spindle core, rising wedge, tappets
- Repair on : forms ejector, blade ejector,  specific ejector
- Clipping modification
- Isotatism modification - Draft improvement
- Treatment of localized surface (coating to choose in our range)
- Repair of wearing parts


- Laser is particularly suitable for aluminium reloading
- Overlay edges
- Overlay impact
- Overlay clips
- Overlay feeders
- Overlay cutting devices
- Overlay wearing parts


- Reload edges
- Reload impacts
- Repair of punch
- Repair of matrix
- Repair of wearing parts


- Mechanical parts: machining error, tool breakage, ...
- Surface treatment "very local" (deposition of material according to your needs)
- Impact on roll : printing use, food industry...
- Repair used parts ...
- On-site maintenance service

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Our Means

Mobile laser welding machine

Mobile laser welding machine
- Cristal Nd: YAG laser
- Average power: 200 W
- Power consumption: 8 kW 16 A (380V/50Hz)
- Deflection of arm: 1280 mm

Handling in our workshops
- Means of discharge: 3.5 tons forklift
- Cranes: 3.5 tonnes
- We can receive tooling of 7 tons (2 x 3.5 tons)

Remote handling workshop (7 km)
- Unloading the crane
- Crane capacity: 25 tons
- We can receive 25 tons of tools

Moving ways :
-  We offer you a qualified worker who will be able to weld, prepare and finish your pieces (including mirror polished)
- Van
- Curtains Welding Protection
- Standalone device for welding fumes
- Argon gas bottle
- Welding rods (according to your specifications)
(we have an extensive range of  welding rods)
- Tool box, preparation for field welding, welding, realignment, polishing, mirror polished, recovery parting, closing, cleaning