Injection plastic moulds

Our expertise in modifying plastic injection, thermoforming and compression moulds, is based on an unfailing desire to provide you with rapid technical support!

As soon as we receive your request, we will study your needs and provide you with advice and proposals. The key to our support lies in the solution we put in place for you and your teams to provide you with moulds that are corrected and maintained with the utmost precision and finesse.

The Boudin Moules team makes every effort on a daily basis to provide you with a local service directly linked to the demands of our trade, our know-how and our speciality.

Mouliste injection plastique : expert en moule injection plastique

Mould Expertise

Mould diagnosis

The quest for efficiency

The basis for repairing or maintaining industrial tooling is to carry out a preliminary diagnosis. Knowing how to diagnose a fault on a plastic injection mould (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.) and analysing the causes, makes it possible to identify the problem to be solved (breakage, burning, impact, leakage, seizure, etc.) so that the plastic part manufactured is once again without a trace during production.
This diagnostic stage also enables us to determine the repair procedure. We then define our intervention according to our agreed operating procedure, for the fine-tuning of your moulds.

1 approach in 5 stages

We have developed a simple and efficient process for handling your request, from the study of your needs right through to measurement.

schéma du process de traitement de votre demande pour un moule injection plastique

Injection expertise With our tuning technician.

Validation trials

Example of results obtained on a Plastic Injection Mould

The problem : White traces of deformation due to snagging in the mould.

The solution : Adding draw/draft on the largest faces.

The benefit : Elimination of the corresponding scrap.

The problem : The weld line in a visible area.

Solution : Thickening of certain partitions, addition of brakes to speed up/slow down the flow of material; addition of vents.

The benefit : No more customer complaints about this defect.

The problem : Difficulty for the robot hand to grip the castings.

The solution : Improved gripping area, improved holding of the pour on the ejectors.

The benefits : Elimination of production stoppages due to the crushing of castings in the mould, and a substantial reduction in the corresponding tool breakages.

Integrated design office

Our design office is the company structure responsible for receiving and interpreting your project data in order to compare and analyse them using technical calculations. Our team is made up of engineers and technicians, who produce the diagnoses and studies needed to guide your mould maintenance project.
Based on the results obtained, structural and technical choices are then made and translated into an execution plan.
The solution is then proposed to you: to fully support you in the implementation of repair work and the fine-tuning of your plastic injection moulds.

Outil de mesure pour Moule Injection Plastique
Le bras de mesure FARO
Analyseurs XRF portable, spectromètre, outil d'analyse des métaux pour Moule Injection Plastique
XRF Analysis

Moldmaker specific software

Delcam, CAM software for integrating machining and control with production resources.

TopSolid, computer-aided design and manufacturing and ERP software.

Measurement tools

FARO Gage measuring arm, used to check the cavities to better adjust them to the dimensions of the parts.
Voir nos équipements

An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, this portable analyser can identify alloys and chemical elements from Mg to U, with instant results. Voir les applications possibles.

Data imports

a tailor-made answer

An optimised quotation

We draw up a quotation in agreement with our customer. The proposal is the fruit of collaboration between the two parties, with a view to making the best possible choice.

It’s thanks to this collaboration that together we can achieve a high-performance result that meets your expectations.

Our tooling and fitting technicians

Spot Maintenance

Boudin provides one-off maintenance services, with technicians on hand to carry out maintenance work on plastic injection moulds in your workshops.

We have created maintenance contracts tailored to your needs.

We have qualified tooling and fitting technicians, depending on the work to be carried out. Our team provides the technical support you need to deal with any incidents you encounter, and to ensure better control of your maintenance workflows.

moule injection plastique : Interventions en Maintenance Ponctuelle​

Example of day-to-day management, according to your supply schedule:

Managing your maintenance workshops also means...

Emergency intervention - Damage

We are renowned for our responsiveness and the quality of our work.

We produce parts in our own workshops (on quotation) or through our network of subcontractors.
We have set up a network of qualified subcontractors that enables us to meet most of our customers’ requirements.

Autonomy and network

We work independently and as part of a network: flexibility, efficiency and time savings are what set us apart.

New Moulds Reception

We work on your moulds from all sources.

Reception, dismantling, cleaning, standardisation, checking according to “Check-List”, tests on injection presses, “Second stage” or “Step 2” type service, graining, engraving, injection of the first plastic parts, fine-tuning, improvement, modification.

Our technicians on your site


We adapt our training courses to our customers’ requirements: at BOUDIN SAS, your technicians are trained by professionals who work on a daily basis. We are able to offer training via our designated organisations.

Our main training programmes :