BOUDIN SAS is bordered by tier 1 suppliers, the company has acquired a know-how and unique expertise in constantly improving its capabilities, demanding the best from his technicians.


Development, modification, improvement, repair, maintenance of plastic injection molds
Mirror finish polishing up to "optical" quality

Recovery parting
Tig welding
Laser welding
In our workshops or on-site

Network providers new low-cost molds :

- We have mold manufacturers in "low-cost countries"
(this is our way of facilitating the expansion of transformers in France by providing access to molds prices allowing processing activity to stay closer to customers)

- We ensure the reception, development and service of tools  from our suppliers

- We provide the start of the molds directly on your production-sites
(it is important for us to ensure the good start of a mold by our presence and our actions in this implementation)

- We can also be your source of proposals for product development, development of a network of plastic parts production, up to delivery to your customer ...

We speak: English - French - Portuguese - Spanish

You export your moulds to France or Europe

 manufacturers in Asia, North America, Portugal, Spain, Italy.

You  are the manufacturers of new moulds
You export your moulds to France or Europe

WE :
Are specialists in mold modification, mold repair and maintenance
We have a team of 20 professionals to make these modifications or repairs
Your customer receive full technical support with your molds
You make it convenient for your customers and give them full after sales support
WE :
We make sure your customers receive the best level of service
We act on your behalf
We analyze the problems and report to you
We consult with you before the start and during the whole process
YOU : 
You will have a strong partner in France or in Europe
You reassure your customers by the presence of a partner close to their production site
You are confident in your level of service as we set up the operation plan together
WE :
Our reputation :
Our company SAS BOUDIN was founded in 1947
We maintain the highest quality standards of our work and respect for the given word
We work so that your moulds work as good as possible and that your customers are satisfied
We already work for mold manufacturers situated there: Asia, North America, Portugal, Spain, Italy. 
Contact us
Skype : dvieboudin
Phone : 00 33 386 656 656

你们 :
- 你们是模具制造商
- 你们出口模具到法国或者欧洲
我们 :
- 我们的专长是改模,修模和维护模具
- 我们自己不制造模具
- 我们有专业的改模,修模团队20
你们 :
- 你们的客户将会享受到全方位的技术支持
- 您将会拥有上门维修模具服务或者在我们工厂进行维修的两种选择
- 您将会让您的客户拥有一个非常有力的售后服务
我们 :
- 我们保证您的客户享有最好的服务
- 我们代表你们去服务
- 我们分析问题向您汇报
- 开始前和过程中我们都会征询您的意见
- 在法国或欧洲您将拥有一个强有力的后盾
- 您将会使您的客户更加放心因为我们的近距离服务
- 您将会对您的服务水平更加自信因为我们的联手合作
我们 :
我们的信用 :
- 我们公司SAS BOUDIN成立于1947
- 我们尽最大可能维持我们的工作质量和遵守我们的承诺
- 我们会让您的模具在最好的状态工作,让您的客户满意
- 我们已经在做的客户有:亚洲的,北美洲的,葡萄牙的,西班牙和意大利的。
Skype : dvieboudin
电话 : 00 33 386 656 656